• Multi-storey construction
  • Clean construction site
  • Excellent fire performance indicators


Cross Timber Systems


CLT is an industrially produced multi-layer solid wood panel consisting of plane glued perpendicular planks, resulting in a panel of a highly durable and stable structure.

Due to its strength and stability, CLT solid wood panels are well suited for floor, wall and roof structures in multi-storey construction.


From the equator to the polar circle, Latvian wooden house producers have proven their competence and offer probably the best value for money!

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Gatis Zamurs

Latvijas Koka būvniecības klastera izpilddirektors


Wood is both a traditional and modern material, which is also compatible with other fashionable materials like metal, bricks, concrete or glass.

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Kristaps Ceplis

biedrība "Zaļās mājas"