Square log houses

  • Fast construction
  • Industrial precision
  • Modern design




Square log houses are apart of Latvian heritage – a hand-made log building acquired a modern form of expression. Log houses have been built here from the very beginning, when people settled in the territory of Latvia. Proof of this can be found on almost every Latvian country farm.

A square log house is a modern response to experience gained over the years. The shape, size and technical data of each log is determined by computer. Then, the log is placed in a modern 3-D milling machine, which creates an exact (to the millimetre) sized log that will fit right where it is designed to sit in the new home.

Living in a square log house definitely cannot compare to any other type of home. Here, you live in a natural wood house, where the humidity is regulated by the wood materials through giving or receiving moisture in the room as necessary. Timber lives its own life, along with people, changing its colour and appearance over time.


Wood is both a traditional and modern material, which is also compatible with other fashionable materials like metal, bricks, concrete or glass.

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