Modular houses

  • factory manufactured houses
  • short construction time
  • fixed costs


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Aļesja Zvejniece


Raimonds Gusarevs

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Jānis Venteris


Miks Kārkliņš


Wooden modular houses are the next step in the development of wooden frame construction. The modules are manufactured at a factory to a very high degree of readiness. They are not affected by changes in weather, there are no unexpected expenses in construction and careful quality control excludes human error. At the construction site, the client receives a finished product when the assembly of modules is complete. Residents can move into their apartment the next day, saving time and resources.


From the equator to the polar circle, Latvian wooden house producers have proven their competence and offer probably the best value for money!

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Gatis Zamurs

CEO of the Latvian Wood Construction Cluster


Wood is both a traditional and modern material, which is also compatible with other fashionable materials like metal, bricks, concrete or glass.

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Kristaps Ceplis

“Green Houses” association