Round log houses

  • a traditional construction method
  • unique design
  • favourable microclimate in the room


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Ivars Riekstiņš


Ivars Markovskis


Log buildings are classic in Latvia and a national and historical heritage. These types of houses and saunas have always been built and the industry is expected to continue long into the future.

Hand-cut log houses are known for their natural appearance and uneven wall cutting, which create that unique cosy feel. Most clients choose a hand-cut log house as their second house or a sauna.

Each log of the building is hand-crafted. Before taking the house to its permanent location, it is first assembled at the production site to make sure that all of its components fit, are compatible and of high quality. The marked logs are then loaded into a vehicle and transported to the customer, where they are reassembled.


From the equator to the polar circle, Latvian wooden house producers have proven their competence and offer probably the best value for money!

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Gatis Zamurs

CEO of the Latvian Wood Construction Cluster


Wood is both a traditional and modern material, which is also compatible with other fashionable materials like metal, bricks, concrete or glass.

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Kristaps Ceplis

“Green Houses” association